Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Women's health: pelvic floor

 I listened this morning to a fascinating interview with the physiotherapist Grainne Donnelly. Her practice specialises in male and female pelvic health and a strong message from her was that there is a lot of help out there. She also spoke about her frustration around women having their concerns about their pelvic floor issues being dismissed (including by some medical professionals) due to a common assumption that they are just to be expected and accepted rather than treated, and the need to normalise talking about pelvic health. She stresses how important it is to help women get back to their normal levels of activity including sport.

Her website has resources including free guides for patients on how to improve pelvic health:


The interview I watched is on Facebook; skip the first 17 minutes as that is about working during the lockdown, and when Grainne comes on she initially loses her connection but after she comes back (26 minutes in) it is all really interesting, useful and accessible information. She finishes with some great examples of how to engage with pelvic floor exercises as so many people are not doing them correctly.


As she says at the start of the interview, over a third of women experience post natal pelvic floor issues some of which are life changing and yet aren't talking about them; let's change that!

If you are wondering about male pelvic health there is indeed a second interview scheduled on just this topic, on the same Facebook page.

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