Monday 2 November 2020

Swing those shoulders! (video)

 This exercise looks to integrate balance, global body motion and foot awareness as we move forwards. 

As we rotate our torso during walking our shoulders will swing freely and that elastic energy will help with our forward propulsion - as long as our hips are soft and our feet connected :-) This exercise builds on 'Hunting in the Forest' with listening foot, thigh slides, body rotation and vertical hip release as foundations. 

Remember to relax, and to allow your helium balloon or other preferred visualisation to switch on your deep postural support so that you have a central longitudinal axis to rotate round. Breathe easily.... 

Click on the link below to watch the video:

As you do the exercise notice:

- where you are feeling your weight through your foot as it rolls through the step. Note whether your weight is moving to the sides of the foot or staying along a fairly central line. Take your time, check your helium balloon is supporting you and relax. 

- is your hip taking your weight or is it sliding out or in?

- are you leaning forwards or backwards? Is your sternum sinking forward or jutting out?

As you practice the exercise your timing will improve; initially you may feel a little off balance or out of synch. Don't worry about this - it's great that you notice as then your neuromuscular system can begin to fine tune the movement. Shorter (smaller) steps are often easier to coordinate - this is also true when you are outside running or walking.

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