Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Taking it easy

The running continues alongside the strength and conditioning - hello calf raises! - and it seems an opportune time to reflect on NOT OVERDOING IT! 

It's always so tempting when you enjoy exercise to push it that little bit harder because hey, you're having fun and it feels good. However it bodes well to remember these rules:

- introduce change gradually, be that terrain, duration or intensity.

- your exercise week should be 80% easy, 20% push yourself.

- if you've been increasing your training for two or three weeks it's time for an easy week to allow your body to recover and adjust.

- lack of sleep, poor diet, work stress etc all tire the body out and decrease our resilience; if you're going through a challenging, tiring time it may be advisable to ease back on your training intensity until life is easier.

My main challenge at present is pacing; I'm supposed to have three speeds to vary my training: easy, normal and fast. I tend to run at a consistent pace that varies little, a habit I've acquired from long distance walking. Time to run with someone willing to pace me!