Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Blerch....

A while ago I promised to put up a link to this:

The terrible and wonderful reasons why the writer of The Oatmeal goes running; I think there will be something there that most of us can relate to so sit back and enjoy!

Winter aches....

My lovely great aunt always told me to wrap up warm; she lived for a healthy, independent and active 96 years so I heed her advice just in case that the warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf were the crucial part! 

Every winter I notice an increase in complaints of shoulder and neck tension related to hunching up against the cold so, sounding just like my great aunt, I ask my clients to take care to keep their neck warm. 

Snow and ice bring on an increase of hamstring and lower back complaints due to awkward walking gait as well as slips and falls; investing in suitable footwear to help you feel confident when out in challenging conditions may save you money in the long run!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

November aches and chills!

As the evenings draw in, it's the season for making stuff! Having spent the late summer bottling my elderberry and black currant harvests I am now moving on to making more ointments and oils for work. I am still experimenting with different essential oil combinations, inspired by one of my recent book purchases: Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice by Jennifer Pearce Rhind. Many of these I am trying out at the various places that I work, so if you come in for an appointment do feel free to offer me feedback or to ask questions about the one I have chosen for your treatment. 

Essential oils may offer symptomatic relief for coughs and colds (think Vicks vapour rub!) as well as for muscular aches, and ointments containing warming oils such as ginger and black pepper are comforting to rub into cold and aching muscles. If making your own, remember that these essential oils are irritant and should be used well diluted. There have been many studies into the beneficial effects on the immune system of certain essential oils as well as their effects on mood and mental alertness; a final recommendation is that most of them smell lovely!

Some of you will have noticed that I am now using a soft wax or ointment as well as my usual oils. I am buying in a base ointment from a company called Songbird; it contains beneficial ingredients such as calendula oil, and I add my own essential oil blends. It is better absorbed and less greasy than oil.

I am continuing to study Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers to help my understanding of the role of the fascia in movement and posture so that I can incorporate this into my therapeutic and remedial massage work. My plan is to attend some courses in this once I have an academic grounding so that I can get the 'hands on' tuition from expert practitioners that is so important. I am once again in the process of choosing my next lot of CPD and will keep my blog updated with regard to any courses I attend.