Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Lockdown information for November

I have just received guidance from my professional association regarding the lockdown; I am allowed to work within the remit of reducing pressure on the NHS - so where someone is in a condition such that their everyday living is severely affected. An example of this may be waking up to find that you have back or neck pain that is preventing your normal function.

Before booking you in for an appointment I am required to do a remote consultation so that I can justify a face to face treatment. I am expected to keep massage to a minimum so the main appointment focus will be exercises, JEMS etc. Maintenance and relaxation massage treatments are not permitted.

I will put up a post on here with more details on Friday after I have received more detailed guidance tomorrow. Do feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

I am going to offer free 30 minute Zoom consultations during Lockdown; this is where we can go through some JEMS exercises to help you, but also where you can talk to me in confidence about any anxieties, worries or stress that you have just as if we were in my treatment room. Please email me (details on my website, if this is of interest to you. This is a challenging time on so many different levels and I would like to offer what help I can.

Take care, and I hope you stay safe.

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