Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Nearly not broken....

So there I was about to begin running again when I overdid things and ended up with an abdominal strain. The lumbar took on an extra work load in an effort to compensate and so stiffened up, the hamstrings tightened, my knees hurt and, well, no running after all! Just walking up and down our local hills was a challenge and as for crushing garlic and sneezing, that was really sore! However, I have taken it as a learning experience; not only will I treat hammering in fence posts with more respect, I have also directly experienced secondary symptoms which I previously only had theoretical experience of and so now have a deeper understanding of them. Yes, I would have preferred not to have the abdominal strain but one must always look for the silver lining. I also took it as a sign to start doing some regular yoga. Three weeks on I have resumed resistance training - cautiously - and am enjoying the strengthening, balancing and stretching benefits of the yoga. I note that where I used to find the yoga relaxation poses dull when I was in my teens and twenties, I now very much relish them; ah, the bliss of a lie down!

Once I feel ready I will be getting out for some evening runs. This time of year is so perfect; long hours of daylight but still relatively cool. I am out with the dog every day in the local woods where the greenery has leapt up in the last few days. The canopy has fully opened to create a green, shady tent and the paths are lined with fool's parsley and garlic mustard,with wood forget-me-nots peeping up sweetly. The garlic aroma of the ramson flowers fills the air with their last huzzah before they fade away. Out on the field the hawthorn is decked in its bridal finery, with the rowan and elderflower in attendance. Whilst I love the yellows, pinks and blues of spring and summer, this fresh green foliage and white blossom is always a delight.

I will be having the first few days of June off as a holiday (maybe even going for that run!) I will be back as normal from the 7th June.