Friday, 6 November 2020

Lockdown 2 update

First of all, I hope you are well both physically and emotionally; a second lockdown is tough on so many of us, maybe the more so for being the second time around. I am here if you want someone to listen - just email me and I can arrange a Zoom meeting or telephone call.

If you are in pain and struggling, I am still here to help at the 919 Clinic, within the given guidelines.

Here is the latest statement from my professional organisation:

'Business is not ‘as usual’ and this should be absolutely clear. Numbers of infections are increasing exponentially and this lockdown has been introduced to control that. The Law states clearly that a person must not leave their house unless for specific exemptions. Access to Health Services is one of those exemptions.

We, as Level 4/5 when working to treat injury and pain to prevent escalation which may lead to dramatic disruption of daily life activities or lead to access to NHS services, are providing a health service and therefore we can remain open. Again as Level 4/5 we are considered autonomous practitioners as the level of your qualification implies a Clinical Reasoning skill set therefore you do not need to work underneath or having clients referred to by an AHP.

However, Massage as we know it, needs to be dramatically reduced. This is because spending a long time in a room at such close contact is increasing the risk of transmission especially while the numbers of infections are growing exponentially. When we reopened in July the numbers were down so much that the risk of having an asymptomatic individual into your clinic was very low. Now it is different, that risk has increased hence these new guidelines reflect the stricter controls put in place to mitigate such risk.'

To sum up: if you are in pain and it is getting worse or seriously affecting your daily life then I can treat you after we have conducted a remote consultation and established that treatment is justified at this time. You can contact me by telephone or email (see my website for details:

Hope you stay both well and safe.

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