Monday, 19 June 2017

Back on with the running shoes!

It's been a while since my last post and for most of that time I've had a fairly severe knee problem. It came on very gradually in December during an easy climbing session (and easy by my standards are the very easiest routes at the wall!) I felt what I thought was a slight calf strain and stopped climbing; the next day the whole leg was painful and difficult to flex at the knee, then the day after that the whole knee swelled up. It was Christmas time, I was busy, I decided to just rest it. January: no improvement and I began weekly physio sessions of Shockwave therapy; the physio suspected I had some loose matter irritating the joint. Things improved slowly, then went backwards - but soon improved again.

So..... six months later I have the couch to 10k plan stuck to the fridge and I have ticked off the first session! I am determined to follow the advice I give my clients; I've done months of rehab and strengthening, and having this plan to follow will hopefully stop me getting over excited and aggravating my Achilles tendon or knee. If I keep to the plan for the next four weeks my reward will be new trainers as I progress to my 10k, injury free goal :-)

On my website there is a link to a great site called The Running Physio. This is full of excellent articles packed with advice, including this timely one that arrived in my inbox today: