Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I have been experiencing something completely new for me; training one to one with Ian Shore, a personal trainer based in Sheffield.

Why? Well, after years of being fit and active I've experienced a few years now of not being able to do the running and long distance walking that I enjoy so much, and I want to change that. I feel the problem is an underlying muscle imbalance and inefficient movement pattern left over from a knee injury ten years ago, after which all my issues began to appear one after the other. I have never used modern gym equipment so this was also an opportunity to see what my massage clients get up to. My wished for outcome: make sure the postural muscles are switched on and doing their thing, address weak areas that I am compensating for and develop efficient movement patterns.

I have known Ian for a while; he is the epitome of cheerfulness, the kind of positive person you like to spend time with. As a personal trainer he has an infectious enthusiasm that makes you try that little bit harder than you thought you wanted to, because it's fun! His gym room is light and airy which helps keep the energy levels up. He got me doing antagonistic resistance training, working upper and lower body. Weak areas became apparent; there was nowhere for them to hide. Ian took me through a sequence that whisked me between opposing muscle groups; just as I felt I was ready to keel over from one exercise we would switch and give those muscles the chance to rest and regroup, albeit briefly, whilst their opposite numbers took up the strain.  We also did core as a bit of light relief for me; my core is by far my strongest area! I liked that it was all active movement that felt like it related to movement I would do outside of the training, where many muscles work together to stabilise and control the action in open and closed kinetic chains.   

Immediately afterwards I felt that my shoulders were open and my posture more balanced; relaxed but also poised and ready for action! I could feel my gluteals activating as I walked home. Two days later I felt I had the right amount of DOMS: enough to know I'd worked but not enough to inhibit normal activity. The next session and the after effects were just as positive, and I am looking forward to my first run of 2016. 

Ian is passionate about his work and how exercise can help people transform their lives. This is reflected in his ongoing professional development that you can read about on his site.