Thursday, 25 June 2020

Covid-19 update

There was a possibility that I would be returning to my massage practice at the 919 Clinic in July, but the latest government update on businesses allowed to reopen does not include massage therapists. This is understandable as it is a close contact treatment. My professional association is asking for more clarity on when we are likely to be able to return to practice. If you were hoping for a treatment, I am so sorry that you will have to wait longer but it is with the aim of keeping you safe. John is available for physiotherapy treatment if you are in pain.

Meanwhile I am making plans for when I do return to practice. I will be putting away everything that is not required for the treatment, so the room will seem much barer - indeed, more clinical! I am replacing my usual bolsters and headrest with vinyl covered ones that I can clean thoroughly between appointments, and I have bought disposable face coverings so I can supply one to clients who do not bring their own (although I would encourage clients to do this). The photo above shows two of the new bolsters, a pack of disposable face masks, some hand sanitiser I am trying out (I already use hand sanitiser in between clients in addition to hand washing but as I will now be applying it far more frequently I want to make sure I get on with a brand before buying in bulk) - and a wobble cushion! This last item is an excellent way to engage the nervous system and wake up the muscles to improve adaptability and balance, and I can clean it in between clients.

I will post again with all the provisions I will be making for client safety once I have a date to return to practice. At present, guidance includes alongside other recommendations: 

  • required questions asked to check the client's health and risk of exposure to Covid-19 on making the appointment and again on day of appointment; this will determine if the treatment can go ahead. 
  •  asking the client to wait outside the Clinic, for instance in their car, until it is the correct time for their appointment.
  • meeting the client outside the Clinic to sanitise their hands and ensure they are wearing a face covering (which will be kept on the whole time they are in the Clinic).
  • providing a plastic box for the client's possessions including clothes; the box will be sanitised after they have collected them.
  •  cleaning all surfaces in communal areas and the treatment room before and after the treatment.
  • stripping and sanitising the couch after each treatment and placing couch cover and towels in a bag that will then be kept closed until they are washed.
  • airing the room for fifteen minutes after each treatment.
  • ensuring that there is only one client at a time in shared Clinic spaces such as reception.
  • payment should be contactless.
  • cleaning my own hands before and after treatments and after cleaning the room.
  • I am to wear a face covering at all times. (Update 03/06/2020: latest guidance suggests that a visor will be required).
Some of these precautions you will be pleased to read that I was doing already, for instance the hand washing. Some are very new and will take getting used to, for instance the face covering, but I am sure this will seem routine very quickly. 

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