Wednesday 10 June 2020

Rolling the pelvis to relax the back (video)

Modern life can result in tension building up in the back and reducing mobility in both the spine and pelvis. This can affect ease of movement in many ways, and the sacral rock and pelvic clock exercise is a gentle and relaxing way to address it. The aim is to make the movement as smooth and slow as possible, exploring the subtleties that are lost through tension or forceful movement. This is a great exercise to do several times a week, especially if you have been sitting down a great deal.

If you feel you wish to take the movement further the video shows how to move into a bridge that engages all the spine as you bring your hips up and then lower them down again. As you do this, check that your back is staying relaxed and maintain a firm, even contact between your feet and the ground.

Please note that due to Covid-19 lockdown the video was made in my home rather than the Clinic.

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