Wednesday 8 July 2020

Heaven and Earth stretch and balance (video)

This is a lovely stretch and balance to do to wake up your proprioception and feel a connection along your whole central longitudinal axis, from your foot all the way up to the hand stretched above your head. The aim is to centre yourself over your foot - so maybe do listening foot to prepare - and then lengthen and open up whilst remaining relaxed. The knee lift exercise from my earlier blog post may be helpful if you find floating your knee up challenging. 

I find it really helps to let your foot relax into the ground, and then really press your hands away from each other, so you feel connected and grounded from the foot even as you stretch up. Allow your head to float up as your spine lengthens. It's lovely to feel your hip joint opening up and that connection through the whole body.

If you find the above video does not fit your screen, you can click on it or on this link Heaven and Earth stretch to see it on Vimeo.

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