Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Walking freely

As you may know I have been having problems with my knee since 2016; most of the time it feels like it is in a straitjacket and it's not uncommon for it to swell up.

On my morning walk today I really focused on allowing my inner support for my trunk to engage, feeling my body extend gently upwards whilst keeping its adaptive bounce. I felt my trunk begin to sit nicely over my pelvis (let the pelvis carry the trunk) and a pleasing counter rotation established itself between my hips and my trunk as I walked. This allowed my gluteal muscles to engage and my legs to swing freely from the hip joint, and must have improved what goes on with my tibiofemoral joint as the straitjacket sensation vanished. All through visualising a helium balloon supporting me from the crown of my head. And listening foot, lots of listening foot!

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