Monday, 4 May 2020

....and now it is May.

First of all, the link below is for a dance class: disco funk! Ten minutes that will get you both moving and smiling :-) Just skip the ads after the first few seconds to get straight to the class.

I am working on getting some videos up on here demonstrating some beneficial JEMS exercises to help keep you in touch with your body and moving beautifully. I have been sending the ones I have made so far to some willing guinea pigs and had very useful as well as favourable feedback so it shouldn't be much longer before they are here! Main issue is my lack of IT competence.

You may not be able to book in for a massage treatment anytime soon as social distancing continues but I am still available through email, text or telephone if you need someone to talk to in confidence, whether to voice anxieties or vent frustrations. Please do feel that you can contact me.

I have been using my daily exercise to walk our elderly dog in the local woods which are changing so rapidly now. First there was the cheery yellow of the lesser celandine and the grellow of wood spurge, followed swiftly by the beautiful wood anemones, more every day, and then the first few tentative bluebells became a glorious carpet of shimmering purple blue.

The yellow archangels appeared together with wood forget-me-not and wood sorrel; as the earlier spring flowers faded back the creeping buttercup, fool's parsley and pink campion came springing up in their place. I picked wild garlic leaves to make pesto (delicious spread on toast accompanied by mushrooms and Swiss chard cooked in butter, plus scrambled eggs) and now their flowers (also delicious)  are filling the woodland with their aroma. The open space of the winter woodland has transformed into an enclosed green world as the leaves open to form the tree canopy, obscuring the architecture of branches and trunks. The birdsong is at its most impressive at this time of year. I always find the woods a calming, restorative space but I am missing my brisk walks to work and back. On the days when the hound wants only a short, slow amble I grab my touring bike after dropping her back home and cycle up and down the local streets for twenty minutes to get my heart rate up and strengthen my legs. Here is the view from our house so you can see we are quite high up; some evenings I just cycle up and down our road a few times!

Do stay safe and take care of yourself.

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