Tuesday 27 February 2024

'When should I book in again?'

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 'When should I book in again?' is a question I am often asked at the end of an appointment, especially by new clients who are unfamiliar with massage.

My usual response is that there is no set answer, it depends on you as an individual:

- on how you respond to massage. Some people need to allow more time for the body to process a massage treatment, especially if they haven't had a massage for a while.

- on your background health and the issue you have presented with. Sometimes having shorter appointments more frequently is appropriate to address an acute problem or to provide maintenance. In certain instances a shorter follow up quite soon after a long appointment is helpful to consolidate the treatment. Other times I may suggest you come back in two weeks (or longer) to assess progress and then plan from there. 

- on whether you have a training schedule or other goals/deadlines.

- it also depends on your finances. I completely understand that massage can be a big chunk of your budget and I will always be open to coming up with a treatment plan that you feel you can manage but will still offer enough benefit. 

People who are used to massage and how their body responds to challenges such as training or a stressful time at work often gain a feel for how often they need to come and I find that a short discussion comes up with a treatment plan that we both feel is most beneficial to them

Something else I am often asked is, 'should everyone have a regular massage?' Well, I think that would be wonderful and beneficial and I would certainly like one, but it really depends on you whether it is needed. If you are sleeping well, exercising well and relaxing well then you may find that you can maintain your physical and mental well being without needing a regular massage. Sometimes you may be doing all three of those well but also be facing extra challenges that mean you benefit from regular massage. Many people find that a regular massage - however spaced apart - means that they keep on top of their aches, pains and tension and they feel that they move better. Other people target their treatments for times when they need that extra support, for however long that is - sometimes a few months, other times just one or two treatments. There is also the question of how frequent should regular appointments be, and again the answer is that it is personal to you - maybe that is fortnightly, monthly, every three months or longer. One of my clients comes regularly for two appointments at exactly the same time of year, every year - that is when they need the extra support. 

Ultimately, it is up to you, how you feel and what you want. I will offer honest advice and guidance and where appropriate suggest a treatment plan, but the final decision is always yours and I will always respect that.

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