Wednesday 10 January 2024

January catch up

Daisy copes fine with mud....

We've made it into 2024! I hope January is being kind to you. I seem to be spending a lot of time washing mud off Daisy....

Speaking of mud, I will just mention my usual tips to take smaller steps, keep your weight over your feet and stay relaxed to allow your body to make the quick micro adjustments that will help you balance. I have noticed quite a few clients coming in with lower back ache and tight hamstrings and adductors that are possibly linked to slippery mud! Tensing up will also compound neck and shoulder issues. Mud is hard work, as I was reminded whilst making my way over a muddy field where I had to pull my feet up out of the mud that wanted to hold on to my boots; this after balancing my way up a steep path that was an ankle deep, slippery challenge. It sounds like we may have ice arriving soon and these tips work well for those conditions too, as does wearing the most appropriate footwear you can find for mud or ice. 

Some radio recommendations:

Michael Mosley has been back with some special longer programmes that are both interesting and have excellent tips on how to stay fit and healthy including as we age. Topics include interviews with experts on inflammation, sleep, exercise, happiness and weight. His fifteen minute series has also returned, with a reminder that we should all be taking a vitamin D supplement at this time of year until April when we can make our own again from sunlight:

One of the Michael Mosley programmes is on cold therapy, and this also cropped up on 'Sliced Bread' with a look at ice baths and cold showers:

You can also find the episode where they looked at sports bras, which I highly recommend listening to if you wear one:

You will notice that my recommendations tend to be R4; this is purely because that is what I listen to most. However there are some excellent podcasts out there, including those from the Sports Therapy Association Most of these are aimed at therapists but there are many episodes of interest to the general public.

Some of you may have noticed Daisy's lead, handwoven by me. I sell these in various colours of natural yarn (and will also be making other items such as belts, book marks, lanyards) with 10% of the price going to the animal rescue charity that Daisy came from. I sold seven leads in the run up to Christmas and made the donation to La Cruz Protectora - if that was one of you reading this, thank you for buying a lead and I hope you are pleased with it!

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