Wednesday 13 December 2023

December update

It's halfway to Christmas already! I am working up to and including Friday 22nd December at the 919 Clinic, finishing at 4pm. My last December dates at the Nether Edge Herbarium are Saturday 16th and Tuesday 19th. Gift certificates are still available!

I will be back at the Nether Edge Herbarium from the 2nd January, and the 919 Clinic from the 3rd January.

Daisy loving the frosty conditions!

It's been a slippy few weeks, either on the mud and wet leaves or on the ice. Do remember if you feel insecure walking in these conditions to take smaller steps, keeping your weight over your feet, and to relax so that your body is free to absorb any slips and make the micro adjustments to keep you balanced. I also notice that people sometimes begin to adopt a penguin walk, leaning side to side as they lift their legs from the back and pelvis rather than flexing at the ankle, knee and hip joints. This can lead to a stiff, aching back as it's hard work to keep up. If you find yourself doing this, instead visualise your torso remaining relaxed and your spine extending upwards as it's supported by your pelvis, then take a moment to notice if you are flexing your leg at the hip to lift your knee up in front of you as it also flexes, ready to then extend your lower leg and move you forward as your foot comes back down. Place your hand at the hip crease to feel what is happening. You can also check your gait by placing your hand over your sternum; is your hand being moved side to side as you walk penguin style, or is it rotating as your back responds to an easier walking movement. Do take a look at my exercises, Hunting in the Forest and Knee Lift, if you would like to practice this movement (scroll down the page on my website to find the video links):

Not long now until the days begin to lengthen again. Meanwhile I am taking in as much pleasure as I can during my winter walks, from the low sun highlighting the texture of tree bark and the colours of the mosses and lichens, to the intricate patterns of frost on leaves and the sensation of space, light and increased views in the woods now that the leaves are mainly fallen.


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