Tuesday 14 November 2023

November news


I love autumn - the colours, the crunch of leaves (when dry!) underfoot, finding sweet chestnuts to roast and of course, as an avid knitter, the return of the sweater, hat, gloves and shawl temperatures! However, the rain deluges are making those leaves slippery underfoot, likewise the muddy paths. If you find yourself thinking that you are about to slip the instinct for most of us is to tense up but as with icy conditions this actually makes it harder for your body to absorb the forces and make the micro adjustments that help us to adapt to what is happening underfoot. Instead, take a moment to breathe and allow yourself to soften and relax. Ok, it doesn't always work and sometimes that slip is inevitable but more often than not you find yourself more sure footed - which is a good feeling!

We are also past Halloween and bonfire night, so it's time to mention Christmas! Gift vouchers are a very popular present and I can arrange them for appointments with me at either the 919 Clinic or the Nether Edge Herbarium. Just drop me an email or text and I will get back to you.

November exercise exploration: stand by something - could be a wall or a tree - and reach up with your arm; how far does your hand reach? Now start again but this time feel the connection between your foot and the ground on the same side as the arm that is moving, and as you raise your arm imagine that the movement begins with the foot pressing into the ground so that as you reach up you are also pressing down. What do you notice? 

I find that this is a lovely way to explore how movement connects through the body. When the shoulder is supported by the involvement of more of the body for me it feels freer, and I can then reach further as that whole side of the body expands and extends upwards.

In other news, I have begun selling the dog leads and some of the other items that I make, with 10% of the price going back to the animal rescue charity that Daisy came from (La Cruz Protectora). Sam Mayfield is amazing, she dedicates herself to helping the dogs, cats and other animals that are so much in need of an opportunity to find a happier life. You can find images of some of the things that I make on my instagram page if you search for practicalcatcrafts; please contact me if you would like to make a purchase. I weave the bands on my inkle loom in natural materials (mainly linen and organic cotton) and I will do my best to  accommodate personal preferences around colours etc. The dog leads start at £25 each for a standard length. Feedback so far is that they feel lovely and take up very little room in your pocket. I have been using one for a year with Daisy and it is holding up well.
Inkle loom in action

Some of the dog leads

 Not long now until the shortest day and then the rapid return of the light. Something to look forward to on the dark evenings of November and December. Keep well!

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