Monday, 20 July 2020

Covid-19 secure: your treatment

So, this is my new work look!

This is what I will be wearing when I greet you on your arrival: clean clothes, a face visor that I clean between each client, a face covering, and a disposable apron that will go in the bin at the end of the session. I will be holding a non-contact thermometer to check your temperature, and will also have a health check sheet to go through with you. If you haven't brought your own clean face covering I will have a disposable one for you, and some hand sanitiser. 

The need for increased hygiene does unfortunately mean an increase in disposable items (I am also using disposable face rest covers) but I am trying to minimise this and will be using a washable face covering. I have replaced the bolsters and face rest with ones that I can wipe down with a suitable cleaning product after each treatment, and will also be cleaning the couch and changing the couch cover and towels after each treatment. I have removed all unnecessary items from the room and those that I still need are stored in the cupboards or containers so that I can clean all surfaces, including chairs, work tops, switches and handles, at the start of the day and after each treatment. The floor gets a good clean, too! 

The room is aired for at least fifteen minutes in between appointments; at present I am allowing thirty minutes to make sure I have enough time to do everything required by the new guidelines.

Please have a look at the Covid-19 page on my website for more information
To book an appointment or to ask a question contact me directly (details on my website,

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