Monday 13 March 2023

Updates and some interesting listening.


Well, I'd been meaning to write a blog post for a while but I've just realised that my last one was in 2022! Time really does fly by.

Since then, we've had a deluge of snow in Sheffield. Snow and ice affect how we walk and I often notice an increase in back and leg issues as my clients cope with the conditions (including shoveling snow off paths and roads). My tips are to relax whilst walking so your body is able to adjust better to the ground (or ice) underfoot and to absorb any small slips, and to take smaller steps keeping your weight over your feet. Notice how you are walking - are you moving your torso and hips from side to side rather than lifting your leg by flexing at the hip? If so that may be contributing to a sore back. In deep snow we have to lift our legs up more so you may find practicing my knee lift exercises useful.

Come April I will be making a small increase to the price of my 45 and 60 minute sessions. This is the first increase since the beginning of 2020 and it will be another few years before I put them up again, all being well. I like to keep treatments as affordable as I can manage.

Radio 4 is my go to for home listening and they have had some great, and very interesting, programmes on recently that I thought I would mention here.

I also came across this site via a recommendation from the JEMS group I am part of (see my website for more information about JEMS). It has some really interesting reading and podcasts on what influences how we move and how we perceive our bodies and pain. Some of it is free and some behind a paywall:

Lorimer Moseley is a scientist who writes and talks about pain, and he does so brilliantly. I highly recommend his website which includes resources:

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