Thursday 6 October 2022

ooops, it's been a while!

Maybe the lovely distraction that is spending time with Daisy
(and weaving leads for her) is why I have taken so long to post...

I've been meaning to post for a few months now - and just realised that my last one was back in July! Now we are well into autumn, the leaves are changing colour and falling - and I should post. So this is just a quick update whilst I get round to making a video to demonstrate some more useful exercises - and some photos from my first holiday since 2019, a wonderfully relaxing week with my family in south west Pembrokeshire, where my mother's family come from and we spent many childhood holidays.

First off, a link to a useful site that I came across through a nutritional company that I order from. As ever, the information on how to use food and exercise to improve your health will seem obvious if you already know it but extremely useful if you don't: 

I also came across this useful free resource via my professional group, on understanding and managing your pain:

We are open as usual at the 919 Clinic; as we go into autumn and winter I am requesting that people wear a face mask during their treatment (if able) and that you reschedule your appointment if you have any cough or cold symptoms - it really does help to limit the spread of bugs and viruses when we are spending up to an hour together in a very small, windowless room. I appreciate your consideration. I am now into my longest cough/cold free period of health in many years, most likely due to people following this request, and as well as keeping me well and at work it means I am less likely to spread illness to others.

I hope you are getting opportunities to enjoy the wonderful colours and textures of autumn; I love crunching leaves and acorns underfoot whilst hunting for sweet chestnuts to take home and roast. 

Another advantage of morning dog walks: empty beaches!

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