Thursday, 12 March 2020


A massage treatment involves being in close contact with another person in a small, enclosed space for a significant length of time; with this in mind I am giving serious thought as to whether I should continue to offer treatments whilst we are seeing a rapid spread of the virus. At present I am still treating people.

If you are coming for a treatment please could I ask you to consider:how likely it is that you have been exposed to the virus; if it seems likely, please wait two weeks before booking your appointment. 

If you are pregnant, or elderly, or have a compromised immune system, or are in regular contact with someone who is: please consider waiting for the outbreak to be contained as I will not be able to guarantee whether or not I have been exposed to the virus.

Please do not come in for a treatment if you are feeling unwell; this is standard advice regarding massage treatment. If you are feeling feverish, coughing and aching, please look after yourself by staying at home, and if your symptoms become worrying ring the NHS helpline. 

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