Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Collaborations with a running coach

People often ask me at the end of a treatment what they can do to prevent the problem reoccurring; my answer is often that they need to address not only their posture but how they are moving and functioning. I sometimes refer people on to remedial personal trainers and recommend individual or small group classes such as Pilates, Alexander technique or Feldenkrais. Learning to move efficiently can be life changing!

This morning I met with running coach Chris Adams
Like me, Chris is passionate about his work and sees it as his vocation. After a long and interesting chat about the kind of things remedial massage therapists and coaches like to chat about such as efficient movement and posture, functional training and the problems caused by the limited range of movement many people are experiencing on a day to day basis, we decided it would be great to collaborate together. I'll be working on ideas for a series of talks, the details of which I will post once arranged.


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